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Neurosynaptic Communications: A rural healthcare initiative

About 70 percent of India’s population living in rural areas has poor or no access to even basic healthcare facilities with 80 percent of India’s doctors practicing in our cities. The healthcare burden is the largest non-productive debt in rural India and millions of families get pushed below the poverty line every year due to these crippling expenditures.

While rural healthcare is an estimated USD 30 billion market it is difficult to access due to a lack of established delivery channels. Hoping to bring an end to this suffering, Sameer Sawarkar and Rajeev Kumar founded Neurosynaptic Communications in 2002. Their venture enables access to affordability and quality in primary healthcare for rural and remote areas through technology.



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Neurosynaptic Communications
Neurosynaptic offers proven e-health and m-health technology solutions that bring together products, partners and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

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