Telemedicine – The year gone by and what the future holds

Of late, a lot has been written and spoken about how software-based technology, internet, mobile or connected devices can work together to transform every aspect of business and human lives. But one sector that is truly set to have an enormous impact of digital transformation this year is healthcare.

We as a country are home to 1.3 billion people, and majority of our population resides in rural areas. Providing quality healthcare to this large segment of our population that does not even have access to qualified physicians due to factors like socio-economic conditions, geographic limitations, etc. was a far-fetched dream until recently. But thanks to the power of technology and communication, or in simple terms telemedicine, the dream is turning true.

We at Neurosynaptic Communications progressed as leader in the realm of telemedicine in 2016 with the largest number of deployments across India, in addition to few overseas entries.

Despite difficult market times, we successfully raised series A fundraise and welcomed an elite advisory board that will guide us in paving a more affordable and accessible healthcare ecosystem in India and other developing countries, going ahead.

2016 also saw some technological advancements. For 2017, we have our eyes set on the first quarter target of launching a new product under our patented product ReMeDi®. Named as ReMeDi® Nova, the product will provide more diagnostics tests (30-35 in number) at the point-of-care. We have also increased the sensors and the cloud-based pay-per-use solution.

From business perspective, this year we are looking to consolidate partnerships with existing users of ReMeDi® and forge new relationships – both in India and in other countries, to increase footprints and make healthcare accessible to rural and remote populations.

While 2016 can be considered as a year of launch for several technologies by many companies, 2017 will be a year of partnerships, project implementation, and service delivery.

It will also see efforts on standardization and regulation picking up, creating a level-playing field, and opening up markets. Government has realized, making healthcare available to the remote population is not going to be possible without intervention of technology. Government adopting telemedicine as a viable media for healthcare delivery will be one of the most important things in the coming year.

Posted by:

Rajeev Kumar
COO - Neurosynaptic Communications

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