ReMeDi® Solution

Indigenously developed and patented technology telemedicine solution


  1. Customized Solution for developing world
    System designed keeping in view low resource setting and the constraints associated with developing world

    1. Real-time measurement of vital parameters
    2. Indigenously developed
    3. Patented design
    4. Draws just 2 W of power from USB Port
  1. Clinically Validated for Safety & quality
    • ReMeDi has been validated at some of most prestigious Medical Institutes of India
    • Compliant with IEC 60601
    • Manufactured in ISO 13485 Compliant Unit
    • Mechanism to capture feedback for audit and quality
  1. Connecting entire healthcare ecosystem
    1. Integrates end to end healthcare ecosystem
    2. Remote Clinics, Central Medical Facility, Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals and Pharmacy can be completely networked on enterprise version
    3. Support Multiple simultaneous consultations
    4. Data storage on server & Cloud
  1. User friendly SystemReMeDi-Software
    1. Easy to operate by a Para Medics or even a non medico
    2. Can operate on internet, intranet, WI-Fi, Data Card
    3. Comprehensive user friendly EMR
    4. Data Security: Right & privileges based upon user role
  1. System Highlights
    1. Highly modular and customizable
    2. Biometric identification
    3. Integration with existing HIMS
    4. Store and Forward option

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