Neurosynaptic among the 11 Indian HealthTech Startups to Watch Out For In 2018

Startup Watchlist: 11 Indian Healthtech Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

Neurosynaptic offers proven ehealth and mhealth technology solutions that bring together products, partners, and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem. It develops a point-of-care diagnostic device capable of performing dry chemistry tests including biochemistry tests, electrolyte tests, HBA1c, etc.

The company aims to enable access to affordable healthcare in rural and semi-urban areas, using its cloud-based telemedicine platform called ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostics). The software claims to provide screening and primary diagnosis by connecting patients with doctors.


As claimed by the founders, not only does ReMeDi connect the entire fragmented ecosystem for last-mile delivery, but it also offers several features like workflow configuration, and the latest sensor and wireless communication technologies.

The startup raised an undisclosed amount of Series A funding round in October 2016 from Indian Angel Network (IAN), Healthquad, and Axilor Ventures to gain international certifications and to expand business in Africa and Southeast Asia.

According to World Bank 2015 report, around 67.25% of Indian population still resides in rural areas. However, only 2% doctors are available to cater to their needs, making the availability of medical facilities at the right time a daunting task.ReMeDi digital health solutions aim to improve this situation and has successfully demonstrated scale on the ground.

As shared by the Neurosynaptic team at the time of Series A funding, in near future the startup can bring on the platform products like SaaS-based, pay-per-use telemedicine and mhealth solution as well as ReMeDi-NOVA to revolutionise the last-mile healthcare access.

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Neurosynaptic offers proven e-health and m-health technology solutions that bring together products, partners and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

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