Join us at the “10th NGO Expo 18” at Mumbai on 22nd – 23rd May, 2018

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NGO Expo is a leading Global Showcase Event for Professionals in Nonprofit and Development sector. The event provides an excellent platform for participants to showcase their Social Efforts and Initiatives as well as showcase the latest products and solutions to help deepen understanding and create new ideas that will drive innovation.

In it’s 10th edition NGO Expo is a fundraising and aid event and a collaborative space connecting NGOs, Non-profits, Charities and Foundations to the biggest Granters, Donors, Philanthropists and Corporations.  The event is organised by Liveweek Business and in its 10th year.

The event organized by Liveweek Business provides an excellent platform for participants to Raise Funds, Network, Source, Supply and Learn and isperfect place to showcase their Social Efforts and Initiatives to stake holders. NGO Expo help organizations spark quality partnerships between the Corporations, Donors & Development Sector to take forward the agenda of social good. The two days event encompasses a conference and exhibition with meeting areas. Its fundamental aim is to raise funds and engage the sector at every level.


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