CSR initiatives for Corporates

The new Companies Act, 2013, mandated that CSR rules are one of the best changes that have happened in India in recent times. While the practice of CSR is not new to companies in India, the act has formally brought more companies to the fold. It has now been made clear to many companies that their funds must achieve results on the ground and should be invested strategically, systematically and thoughtfully.

While provisions in CSR rules allow corporates to support only government-recognized incubators, we at Neurosynaptic either work with NGO-partners that companies have tied up with or actively engage through the support of our several NGO partners. We provide a perfect platform for a corporate to implement a sustainable public health CSR program with our hospital partners using our technology-enabled products that have far-reaching benefits.

Where the companies and their CSR funds, up until now, has been used in extending short-term changes in the society, there is a huge headroom in India’s healthcare sector to explore and disrupt.

Click here to download our Whitepaper to understand the possibilities of CSR, implications of the new Companies Act 2013 in the industry and how Neurosynaptic undertakes the wide range of activities for ground-level public health improvement.

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