Corporate Profile

As population in both rural and urban areas, grapples with the challenge of access to quality healthcare, Neurosynaptic offers proven e-health and m-health technology solutions that bring together products, partners and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

With the commitment to make quality healthcare affordable to masses, Neurosynaptic has demonstrated the impact of technology solutions at a large scale in tackling this global problem.

Neurosynaptic’s award-winning solutions are easy to use, even in difficult-to-access and resource constrained areas. These enable end-to-end health care delivery.

These world-class solutions are developed by a highly capable research & development team and partners, manufactured with globally accepted highest quality processes and validated & accepted by the medical fraternity. Neurosynaptic also offers its wide experience in capacity building, project execution, support and maintenance.

Strong technology collaboration with top-notch academic & research institutions and business collaboration with several international partners enable best-in-class services to comprehensively address healthcare delivery needs.


Touching lives around the world

Touching lives around the world


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